• SpringOne Platform 2017 参加レポート~Spring Framework、Pivotal Cloud Foundryの最新動向からマイクロサービス転換の先行事例まで
    • SpringOne Platform 2017参加チーム (岩塚卓弥、宇梶弘晃、堅田淳也、浅原舜平、熊谷一生、Jia Xiaozhou、栗原伸豪、渡邊拓麻)

Journal papers (peer-reviewed)

Conference papers (peer-reviewed)

Graduate studies

  • Self-healing mechanism on switch-controller connections in SDN
    • Takuma Watanabe. (Supervisor: Katsuyoshi Iida)
    • Submitted to the Dept. of Communications and Computer Engineering, Graduate school of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
    • The slide is available here.
  • コンテンツ指向ネットワークにおけるサブネットの実現手法の提案とその適用に関する研究
    • 渡邊 拓麻. (Supervisor: 小花 貞夫)
    • Submitted to the Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Electro-communications, The University of Electro-communications.
    • The slide is available here.